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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Kicking, Mar 29, 2004.

  1. Looking for a second futures broker with multi currency accounts, $8 RT max, no platform or data fee (no trade quota), offering trading in interest rates and index products, low account min.. Platform doesn't really matter as long as it is not a complete POS. Must allow trading during all trading hours. Must not be Interactive Brokers :) .

    I thought about MB trading, but they don't seem to have multi currency accounts and you can't trade bonds futures with them .

    Advanced Futures: do they have multi currency accounts? Is J-trader really included in the $8.90 RT fee?
  2. check out we charge $.55/side commission with no platform fee as long as u pay $400/ month in commissions(18r/t a day). emini $3.42r/t all in bonds and notes $1.86r/t Bill Zimmerman
  3. can you read? NO TRADE QUOTA $ 400/MONTH in commish ?!!
  4. Are you kidding? For 8.90 you can even get the xtrader platform without quota. For 8.90 I could not name a single broker who would not lick your stinky feed and kiss them ;-)

    Dude, you are selling yourself cheap!!!
    Seriously, you are asking for much, I mean a) multicurrency, no quota, no platform fee, index products, interest rate products. Well, I am not sure a broker would offer all that outright, BUT why I post is:

    Talk to the brokers you are interested in; For that high a commission I would bet almost everybody will try to give you what you are asking for, given they provide that service at all.

    Without asking you get the stuff the guys get who trade one contract per day and dont want to pay more than 3.5 RT without any additional fees. So, ask for it and ya shall receive ;-)

    Good luck!!!
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    Kicking: Why multi-currency? Which exact products do you want to trade?
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    Kicking wrote:

    "can you read? NO TRADE QUOTA $ 400/MONTH in commish ?!!"

    I'm not getting your meaning on that response.

  7. I trade eminis and ETF's , 10 year Note will follow soon. I am looking for a broker where I will put 5-10 K to back up another account . This guy from Transact was kidding me or what, $400 per month in commission! Obviously I don't want to have to pay a platform fee. Commish is not that important I won't make a lot of trades even if I shadow the other account. I need multi currency acc because I am not fortunate enough to be a US citizen in the US.
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    The multi-currency is the tough part. If you're only trading USD-denominated instruments (as you describe), it might make more sense to have a USD-only account and do the conversion at the bank on the way in/out. This widens your range of choices to probably most of the IBs and FCMs that people here write about.

    When I looked for a backup to IB after the blackout last year, Terra Nova Futures had reasonable rates for a backup broker and I liked the fact that they were completely Chicago-based, and able to trade during the blackout.
  9. Advanced Futures no multi currency. If you trade european stuff they convert you each day based on the eurofx.

    beachboys66 can't read, I noticed that in other threads as well.

    Don't know of multi-currency broker except for the all mighty IB.

    Good luck
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    It seems as though the brokers you're looking at all provide part of the puzzle, but don't write off the guy offering the low commish and the $400/month platform fee just yet. I'm sure you've done this, but at $8 per round, you have $4.58 in difference to play with. If you make 88 trades over the course of a month (a little more than 4 contracts per day), then you've paid back the $400.

    As I said, you've probably already done the math, and I don't mean to insult you if you have; but others following this thread should keep that calculation in mind.

    At the end of the day, assuming roughly the same monetary outlay, isn't it the quality of the service that matter, anyway?

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