Broker risk - Holding cash ETF instead of EUR cash

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by blink18, Mar 7, 2022.

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    I would like to park unused EUR cash (I trade futures) in my brokerage account to a cash ETF, so that my risk is even lower. Broker cash insurance is 100.000 eur, so everything above is exposed to risk.

    My main objective is having similar return as holding EUR (ECB interest rate), but without broker insurance risk limit.

    Do you have any suggestions which ETFs are ok? My criteria: EUR, liquid, large fund size, low cost, accumulating.

    I'm just not sure about replication method, some are physically, synthetic (unfunded swap)...
    And some are active, passive managed.

    This one looks good based on screening, any opinion?
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    SPY is liquidity leader can you get that in your area?? Even though SPY is in a bear market\going down /SH,SPXS,SPXU going up.
    Google barchart, ETFs, hopefully Europe has plenty like US
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    I trade SPX via futures. I'm looking for safe, liquid and cheap money market etf in EUR.
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    OK did you try barchart ETFs section ?? I assume you can trade US stuff even if its priced in other than us dollars.
    Interesting about 80% of us merchants take Canadian quarters:caution:
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    Yes, I checked - USD etfs only (currency risk). I need EUR etfs (UCITS compliant).
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