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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Handsome, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. On the homepage I went to look up all the reviews on E-Trade and also on Fidelity but I didn't see either one of them listed.

    Am I not looking in the right place or are they not reviewed here anymore?
  2. Baron

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    At the time we initially put up the list, neither of those firms was considered a true direct-access broker, which is why they weren't added. I don't know if they still sell their order flow, but if not, then we can certainly add them.
  3. Ok., thanks for the explanation.
  4. pravin_s


    Also, I did not see TD ameritrade, will it be added too?
  5. Joe


    Our site caters to Active/Day traders, hence we only list Direct-Access Brokers in our reviews section. Ameritrade and Etrade are both discount brokers, not Direct-Access. You may want to do a search for them on our site, possibly you can piece a consensus together if you look at what others have said. Below is are links that explain more in detail the difference between the two types.

    Our Direct-Access Broker Reviews

    Click the links below to find out the difference.

    Direct-Access Broker

    Discount Broker


    Quote from Article
    "The first question that we have to ask ourselves (about these acquisitions) is how unbiased is the order routing? Direct access came to be because there was need for a trader or a customer to get the best execution possible..."

    If you have any questions, just let me know.