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  1. :confused: Hi I have been trading on Datek for about 3-4 months and have no problem with the speed my problem is with the software and the buy and sell signals there is none. But for the last 2 months have been using the Sim form Cybertrader Pro and can just about spot a buy or sell most of the time.

    Have tried joining with Cybertrader and have the 25g and have made the yearly income but the problem is with the Liquid money.

    I never hold stock over Night and if I ever did get a margin call I would just let them sell it to cover the call Also with the margin there money is never at risk am I right ? If it goes down and they calll guess who's money they keep broker's right ? And after I get down to 2000 they take me off margin anyway.

    What is it need for and if it was needed then how come datek not require it does anyone have any Ideas on how to mabe get around this or there any other Firms that have the same Software that not require the 50g liquid money Hell just getting the 25g to daytrade was a job.

    The Ameratrade Pro software is about as close as I can find to cybertrader.

    Have been using E-signa but I still have to flip back and forth and miss the move most of the time.

    My most likely trade pattern lately is to scalp .03 to .05 on 3000 shares and just do that. And If you do the math on that from 20 to 40 trades in a day that is a lot of income for a broker and yet they still want 50g liquid money even though I have a house that is worth twice that.

    Also is there any clubs or brokers that anyone would know about in the CedarRapids Iowa area or Waterloo Iowa

    If any one or firms would like to contact me at
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