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  1. Does anybody here have any good experiences to share in terms of brokers with fast withdrawals. The ones I used took nothing less than a week anytime.
    Looking for suggestions
  2. zdreg


    It doesn't sound possible nowadays Name the firms that take a week to make a withdrawal.
  3. Which brokers were they ? Were they real regulated reputable firms, because a week time in withdrawal is weird.

    I use Interactive Brokers and although I am not a US based investor nor resident my international withdrawals so far took an average of 2-3 hrs in between and so did my deposits. I usually make my request around 9-10 in the morning and at 12 +- I see the balance in my bank.
  4. JamesJ


    Agree, also not US based but IBKR is great on withdrawal / deposit times.

    I can recommend them.

    Some folks don't like TWS, but that's a different thing... for me TWS is fine.
  5. Asher.Fr


    Anyone currently trading with a reliable broker suitable for scalping? An ASIC or FCA regulated broker with tighter spreads and faster execution speed would be advantageous during scalping.
  6. JamesJ


    tighter spread?
    You better go with Direct Market Access and paying some commissions.
    Always better than CFD brokers imo.
  7. without using practically its really difficult to recommend at any broker , because so many brokers are available in this market and most of them are found to be scams.
  8. Pegrinn


    For quite some time they have been trading with the Amarkets broker, and I can note its advantages in the fact that I always receive up-to-date information and recommendations, which significantly positively affect my trading.
  9. I have used many, and with all, bank wires took around 5 days, excluding weekends, and through cards always more than a week, sometimes 10 days. I have not tried any other method so far.
  10. socool


    Check fxview, they’re FCA/cysec regulated. Spreads and commissions ($2/lot RT) are quite good for scalpers.
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