Broker recommendation for Sculpers?

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by fxchacott, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. fxchacott


    Hi All,
    I am a individual trader (scalper) in Japan and looking for a broker which meets my requirements. I have been trading FXDD/FxPro but looking for better ones.

    Here's what I am looking for (in order of priority):
    1. Rate transparency, direct access to market (no rate control by broker)
    2. Tight spread. EUR/USD 0.9 to max 1.5 including commission. Fix preferred but not must.
    3. Execution Speed
    4. Low possibility for slipage
    5. Minimum deposit, hopefully less than $1000 but open to $5000 if offered better service.
    6. leverage: higher than 1:50

    I use MT4 but open for other platforms. Any experience or recommendation are appreciated.

  2. Surfeur


    LMAX with MultiChart
  3. fxchacott


    Hi Sufeur,:)
    Thanks for the recommendation. I have looked up LMAX but could you please share what your positive experiences with LMAX (with Multichart)?
    Also, how is LMAX execution speed?


  4. Hi fxchacott,

    I've been trading with HotForex since early this year, and I can safely say that I'm pretty satisfied with the results, I recommend you give it a check, tight spreads and very decent bonuses. they cover most of what you are looking for or even all.

    and best of luck my friend.
  5. sanfo


    I agree with trader_phil, actually I am using hotforex and strongly recommend this broker to you.
    it seems they grow fast, providing good spread, and conveneint withdrawl. What i value most for them is their customer service after I compared several brokers in the past 2 years.

    i think it can fulfull all your requirements.
  6. hi sanfo
    its nice to have a fellow trader from india..
  7. sanfo



    haha, why do you think i come from india, does my name remind you of india?

    actually i come from China.

    I am really happy today since i earned 100pips today.
  8. sorry man, my bad, I knew someone from india called sanfo I thought you were too :) I'm from the philippines, not that far from china!
  9. adel16


    yeah man you must be happy ! and you know this company is the best in Asia actually !! so enjoy trading with them !
  10. adel16


    guys I use hotforex too since 8 months and I have great profits
    what do you think about trading metals with them? I have not tried it yet !
    #10     Nov 24, 2011