Broker Neutral FIX Platforms

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  1. Can someone recommend a FIX compliant front end that is broker neutral and is similar in form and function to Lightspeed? A group of us use IB and are tired of the TWS (sometimes its cost us trades too) and would like something more akin to Lightspeed to trade equities. Lightspeed says they won't license it and we don't want to move funds back and forth between IB and LIghtspeed (nor want to pay prime fee for pb setup). We trade futures too so IB is the broker we want to use. Anyone with experience on other platforms? Or does this have to be done from the ground up?
  2. You may want to look at using tradelink, which is
    * is broker neutral
    * supports 12 brokers directly including IB/TWS
    * also has fix connector (beta)

    TradeLink free and open source.

    Not sure what specific features from lightspeed you are trying to emulate.

    If tradelink does not have them, you can generally build them pretty quickly on tradelink.

    advantages :
    * take less time and $ cost than building from scratch
    * still retain 100% of control of source code via open source

    PM me if you have more questions.
  3. Occam


    I wonder, is there something like this that is built off of QuickFix? People have built various open-source apps on top of QuickFix; I doubt it would be as comprehensive (or supported) as a commercial app, but there may be something out there that suits your particular situation.
  4. the tradelink fix connector is built off quickfix
  5. you really can't compare tradelink's very basic quote app frontend to lightspeed. the op is asking about broker neutral _frontends_ that are _comparable_.

    anyway, to the op, there are none.