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    I had a feeling that's what you meant.

    Offhand I don't know which brokers offer trading in foreign countries. I do know that offers trading in Europe. I've actually used their software here in the U.S. Unfortunately, I got disconnected a couple of times per day. You have to log in again, which takes about 10 seconds. The main weakness in their software is charting; I don't know how important that is to you. The company is called InvestIN; they have a U.S. and a foreign division I think. They're starting to offer their own proprietary software. They also offer Tradecast. I'm not sure if they offer those platforms in Europe. Anyway, they rebate your software fee after 10 trades/month.

    Other than that, you may want to click on the link the other guy posted earlier, and see which of those brokers offer trading in Europe.
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  2. This month i contacted these direct access brokers and they are ABLE TO OPEN FOREIGN ACCOUNTS:

    Tradecast Dtradeonline Exp trader Rushtrade MasterTrader Pacific online TradersClub EquityTrading Sutton online
    RMLtrading Tradeportal Lexit CyberTRader.

    Well… main question…

    Who is the best broker with regard to:

    1) general reliability
    2) accurate quotes
    3) "state of the art" technology (servers, data feed provider, etc…)

    this is the most important question for me.

    thanks and best regards

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  3. Stop talking ?

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    Well, I still do not understand why you do not look at the brokers evaluation section of this EliteTrader web site.

    The brokers you mentioned are there with many comments from their customers.
    Now that you know which ones do allow foreign accounts [please add Interactive Brokers to the list], it should not be difficult to get an idea regarding reliability, speed, software etc.. It is all covered in details in the brokers section [click the menu on the top of this page].
    That's why I guess not many continue to reply to this thread.

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  5. 'Cause Elite Trader brokers ratings are different from ratings, or DayTraders USA ratings, or Don Johnson ratings and so on…
    Lot of brokers here have no rating.
    Lot of brokers have only one or two ratings.

    Quite simple

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