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  1. Does anyone know a good and reasonable priced broker in Luxemburg? With reasonable intraday margins?

    I found 2 of them but they ask margins of 2500 -3500$ for intraday trading!
  2. Bambino


    are you in luxembourg?
  3. I'm looking for answers, not for other questions.

    Luxemburg is in my backyard.

  4. Bambino


    Fair enough. I merely wanted to pass on some local contact information.

    I don't appreciate smart ass remarks like that.

    Consider that a warning
  5. cvds16


    why for god's sake do you need a broker in luxembourg ?
    I live in Belgium, but my broker is in the us.
    and bambino was right, it was a smartass remark.
  6. Normally if questions are asked, you can give an answer. You don't try to get in to the private live of others.
    I asked a question but i never agreed to give private information in return. People's privacy should be respected i thought.

    So this has nothing to do with being a smartass, but with education and respect for others.

    So your remark " Consider that a warning" is totally misplaced, as well as the remark from the belgian superstar that reacted after you reacted.
  7. Who says that i'm in the same position as you are?
    I have a particular reason but won't go into that.
  8. cvds16


    how can we give you decent advice if you don't tell us why you need it.

    just let me guess: you money has the wrong colour and that's why you won't vige any "private" information. Retard and smartass.
  9. If you think you know the answer, why do you ask then the question?

    Sounds stupid.

    And the question was very simple, you don't need any other information to answer my question.
  10. cvds16


    I guess you don't need any information at all ... because that's what you are going to get ...
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