Broker ignoring wire transfer request--please advise...

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  1. I sent out the wire transfer request before the opening on Thursday and nothing happened on Thursday or Friday, emailed them before the opening and during the day today, and they are ignoring the emails as well as the request. Please advise.
  2. Sometimes the phone is mightier than the email.
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  4. If you are about to select a broker, you can PM me and I can tell you if it's him.

    Otherwise, I don't want my personal experience to destroy their reputation.

    I just need them to respond to me.
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    you are missing the point, you want et to know the name so that we can give you some ideas.
    ps, my brokers are AMP and OEC.
  6. If it's IB it takes 2 or 3 days to show up in your account. Friday is too early if the request was made on Thursday, you should have your money by Tuesday, or maybe even today. I believe one day of the delay is because of the bank, not IB.
  7. 2 days is too short of a delay to start worrying.
    After a week, then you should start phoning them up daily.
    Sit back and relax :)
    I am sure this will be sorted out by the middle of this week.
  8. Do brokers do such things on purpose?
    If I wouldnt follow through could a broker actually totally ignore it?
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    Have you tried calling these mooks for an explanation, perhaps they never even got the request....ding dong!
  10. I guess you guys are right; it still says to me something though about the ethics of the company.
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