broker friend says get long again!!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by permabull, Sep 4, 2002.

  1. permabull,

    If your so sure, why are you posting? It appears to me you need someone to agree with you.
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  2. AGREED.

    See the Trading on Tips thread.......
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  3. I think Permabull is pulling the wool... for three reasons:

    1) My broker told me...;

    2) I'm willing to hold thru {anything}...;

    3) I'm absolutely sure his reco is going to pay off.

    Yeah right....

    Besides that, who has a futures broker anymore?

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  4. i'm sure he being a little tongue in cheek, but he might be right for the next couple of days.
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  5. Molsen, if I'm not mistaken
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  6. Avaturk


    Positive expectancy is not in your broker's favor: since the mid-80s, there have been 10 down days after the Labor Day Holiday. In 8 cases, the market was down an average 4% two weeks later. In 2 cases it was up two weeks later-1% average.

    Time to move some refrigerators.....
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  7. smokey_mcPaat

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    my broker told me to go long and i will......

    hahahahahhahahahha- listening to a "broke" r....if those guys were any good they would be involved in trading or a hedge fund- they are nothing more than salesmen that prey on naive investors and can talk a good game- lets see some broker records- see if they compare to a good traders- i would bet not..
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  9. Anymore, brokers are professional money-gatherers. Nothing more. With the advent of commision-free trading secondary to an annual managment fee, there is no incentive for a broker to churn the acount like the old days. It behooves the broker to NOT trade the account and risk his clients' capital.
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  10. lol
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