broker friend says get long again!!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by permabull, Sep 4, 2002.

  1. My broker friend says it's time to get long the nasdaq futures again. He says hold until we breakthru last months rally at least if not higher.

    so, I'm buying futures again right now.

    any thoughts :)
  2. LeesonTrader

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    Yeah I sold my entire portfolio and loaded up on nortel.

    I mean how much lower can it go, right? My broker told me this information, and he is ALWAYS right.

    I think its because he likes me to trade that account a lot, keep things moving. He says it lets you stay on top of whats hot.
  3. hedgez


    lol... broker's are overpaid salesmen.
  4. Not wanting to be a stick in the mud, but, 9/11 is coming up and if anything wierd happens I would hate to think what those futures might look like afterwards.

    I certainly don't wish any ill will on anyone. You might want to be prepared for anything if you are buying today.....


  5. Grubman told me to buy Worldcom in January, too.

  6. I'm willing to hold thru any nasties on September 11th. I'm absolutely sure his recommendation is going to pay off.
  7. exce26


    September is the worst performance month. There are plenty fund co who are desperate to sell at higer price before september. It usually better to be long at the end of month
    (Mutualfunds performance mock up)
  8. Are there still brokers out there?
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    No I threw them all into a gaping pit of snakes and fire
  10. Rigel


    Famous last words. Don't trade on tips.
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