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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by quatron, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. quatron


    I'm getting a whopping 5-6 second round-trip order latency with Interactive Brokers. Which broker can you recommend to trade KOSPI? I found Newedge and MF Global so far but have no idea of their performance. Can someone share their experience?

  2. Wow, where are you, on our Moon? Io?

    Are you on the HK server farm?

    Newedge is preferable to MFG.... but they're likely to be purchased by them anyway.
  3. RedDuke


    That is weird, I do not have any issues. I am based in New York.

    Check if yuo connect to HK farms, also check your isp conections/setting.

    If you are using 3rd party software, check setting there as well.
  4. quatron


    Yes I'm on HK farm and my ping RT is about 150ms. I though it's some limits and margin calculations on IB side that take so long. Or because IB route their orders to KRX through someone else. But if you guys have better latency then it's very interesting. Did you measure your latency with KOSPI?
  5. I will take a look at the futures Sunday night, but I can't trade KOSPI options from the US.

    I wonder if it's something specific to risk and it's running some handshake to CT, USA? That would be pretty ridiculous.
  6. RedDuke


    Same here, I was referring to futures. We can not trade options from US. It does not make sense why, but it is what it is.
  7. KospiTrdr


    Well... in light of all the news, MF probably won't be an option for you going forward. I'm pretty familiar with Newedge's setup for Kospi. Give me your addy and I'll shoot you an email to chat.