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    I'm looking for a good broker for agriculture spreads. Charts, news, and some fundamental information would be great. Thanks.
  2. for charts you'll probably want to get a software package, as opposed to anything the brokers could provide. I think ADMIS is the only broker that even has their own software that supports charting of ag spreads (both exchange recognized and custom). Look at DTN, CQG, etc.

    What type of spreads are you looking to do? If its an exchange spread (time spread) then you should be able to execute that at any futures broker...just so long as they SPECIALIZE in futures...not just a broker that offers futures.

    For inter-market and complex spreads, you'll have to leg those anyway, so excecution platform is more important than the broker.

    My recommendation for broker though would be either Advantage Futures (self clearing), Global Futures (through RCG), or if you need more of a "full service" deal, either ADMIS or Man
  3. elomich


    Thank you for the reply. Yes, they will be exchange spreads, I'm too simple for anything else.

    I'll check out Advantage and Global. Do you have any recommendations for software with charts and fundamental news?

    Thanks again.
  4. I have used both DTN ProphetX and CQG, and both are the best imo as far as a total package for commodities. DTN is a couple hundred bucks cheaper when you factor in everything, and so far for me has been just as reliable as far as everything goes, all the way down to intra-day tick data, so I'd recommend going that route, although either one will cost you north of $500 per month with exchange fees in, but if you are doing any kind of volume at all, its worth it.

    btw...when you talk to Advantage ask to speak with Mark Frantz...he's my account rep and is as good as it gets imo.
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    Thanks a lot for the info, I really appreciate the time. I'll check into all of that. Good trading.
  6. kanellop


    Hello traderTX.

    I think that you have very nice Platforms...

    I do not know which are the Monthly Cost for to have them.

    But i am curious to learn something relative to them.

    Possibly they will have at least for U.S.A., Truck Rates, Barge Rates and Train Rates.

    But have them, Ocean Freight Rates?

    I will stay for your Comments.

    Kind Regards,

    George Kanellopoulos.
  7. Depending on what add-ons you include as far as new services...yes, you can get all of that data via DTN or CQG. Cost just depends on what exchanges/add-ons you get for either.