Broker for Scalping!!

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by sk0ll, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. sk0ll



    I´m looking for a Meta Trader 4 Based Broker who allows Scalping with low spreads....

    does crown forex allow scalping? 1 pip spread would be great!!

    any help???

  2. GAZ


    Hi, am a FOREX trader, Can you tell me more about swap-arbitrage strategy?, its look interesting.

  3. sk0ll



    I need a 1 - 2 pip profit broker......

    I´m also interested inm this swap operation!

  5. <a href=>shill</a>
  6. nah, just another slay of idiots f***ed up in the head dyin' to enter the most crooked mkt of 'em all.
  7. If I were a scoundrel, forex would be perfect breeding ground to rope in the newest wave of unthinking public money.
  8. no question....there's quite a tellin' pattern about posters lookin' to join fx, they all come across as complete arseholes utterly demented to the max.
  9. Abhirama


    No, I am not knowledgeble about this. I mentioned it in the beginning that this is from another forum. This is not my conversation.

    I can direct you to the author of this post if you need. Ask me privately.
  10. wow no productive responces here.

    All he wanted was a broker suggestion not all that other crap.

    As for the question at hand. I had the same question befor.

    MB was recomended, they welcome scalpers but offer no charts.

    InterbankFX has meta4, try asking them if they allow scalpers. Since they have no desk and don't trade against you they probly don't mind.

    I am with FXDD. They use meta3 live but should be switching to meta4 soon. I can do everything I need on 3 and have any indacater you might need for it.
    But you need a good video card or your pc will lag durring high volitility. Just means you cann't enter directly after news.
    I trade for 30-80 pips per my normal system but scalp inbetween signals. I take anywhere from 1-5 pips on scalps. No problems. This helps take the edge off any losses I take on my regular signals.

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