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    Which is a good broker with real tick software considering the fees, commission, reliability, margin rate, plenty stocks to short, etc? Like the trailing stop order too. has all the list, it is confusing.

    I intend to do short swing stock trade about 50-1000 trade a month (using Datek now), a little options. Need to sign up with a RT chart service today with ma & stochastics only.

    Is it easy to learn real tick? I use TC2000RT now. Will use the real tick to trade a little index future with a future broker in the future:)
  2. I can recommend Investscape. They use real tick and their commissions are right in line with the share size you trade. You should talk to Richard Lim...he is the boss.

    The reason I am recommending them is because I checked them out many months ago when I was doing 100 share lots. At that time IB was the best value for me. But as things change, I will probably move my account there...I also use Realtick and want a broker who uses it too.

    You should know, I haven't actually traded with them and my opinions are based on many emails and a few phone calls I've had with Richard. I can not vouch for their execution speed. But I can say that these are people I would like to work with...and their commissions are great...

    There is a review of them in the broker might want to check that out as well.
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    PS_ I have no financial or other realtionship with Investscape whatsoever.
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    TerraNova-MB is a highly regarded firm that uses RealTick.

    TerraNovaOnline is another one. In fact, I think they are in the same building as Townsend Analytics, the makers of RealTick.

    As far as learning RealTick is concerned, it's pretty easy to learn the basic functions. But if you want to start customizing your order entry, charts, and other windows within your layout, there are a ton of options to choose from, so it can take quite a while to learn them all.
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    I appreciate your replies. Hopefully tere will be more postings since there are close to 50 brokers use real tick. Help is need to narrow down the one:)
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    Investscape...There is a review of them in the broker section

    I'm interested but that single review was posted in Feb and the poster only said one word "good", although he gave them top ratings. Did a search throughout the Discussion forums and that company hasn't been mentioned even once outside this thread! Saw that their website is and I'm going to check it out, but if anyone knows anything about these folks please post it here. Thanks.
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  7. Sorry I'm not able to give you more useful I wrote, I have never actually had an account with them...yet.

    If there is some bias on my part. it is because they're in Detroit...well, near Detroit, and that is a two hour drive for hour-thirty if I take the Jag. :p

    The manager has been great in as much as he was willing to go the extra mile to get my business...and even when it became evident that I was not ready to go to larger size lots. But now that I'm into 1k lots, it makes economic sense for me to try them out. With low commissions and free RealTick, it is hard to beat their deal!

    BTW, I've heard some very good things about Terra Nova and imo, you should seriously consider them as well, based on what I've learned.

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    I checked with (by Pristine), they have web training for the software. It is pretty good.
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    I can recommend for Realtick. MB's customer service is just outstanding... the best I have ever seen. When I call customer service they usually pick up before I can even hear a ring. Realtick itself is certainly one of the most stable platforms even though others might have some more advanced charting features. I generally recomend MbTrading to my clients or Interactive Brokers (for people with a smaller amount of cash and/or beginners).

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  10. Anyone know what the difference is between this and Pristine's original Executioner? Both are Pristine affiliated RealTick brokers it seems?!

    I came across this training site called that had what appeared to be a pretty good online Direct Access/Level 2 course, and you can get it for free if you open an account with one of their partner brokers.

    One of them is a site that offers Realtick and has a cents per share pricing option. To my knowledge they are the only RT broker offering a cents/share deal. I know nothing else about them though I am thinking of changing from MB simply because I trade a lot of 300-500 share positions and commissions are killing me.
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