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Discussion in 'Options' started by listedguru, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. Can you recommend a decent (low cost) broker for equity options? I have a daytrading account set-up but I'm not sure what they offer for options.

    Is there a software platform you need to run for execution? Is there a monthly cost? I haven't traded an option in over 10 years so go easy on me, lol...

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    ThinkorSwim. Period. Great platform, great execution, great customer service, etc. :)

    I started at OptionsXpress but their web interface was kind of clunky and the streaming quotes they use were totally useless for daytrading anything.
    They're a good company, though - good customer service and good product offerings, and great educational stuff.
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    E R

    I use eoption. They seem to have the best commissions around.

  4. LexNY


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    Interactive brokers
  6. Taking a closer look at margin requirements....20K in your account for a naked put and 100K requirement to trade naked if you don't have a large enough account you can't leg into spreads.

    TOS may be more in commission but over-all still the best out there.