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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by jem, Jan 20, 2003.

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    I recently(end of december) attempted to open an account with a futures broker and I overnighted a check. It was rejected because I opened the account in my name but the check came from my business. I questioned the rep on the reasons for this rule especially in light of the fact taht I signed the check and I was the only signatory and owned all the shares of the corp.

    He asked me to send one from my personal account, I said I did not keep that much in my checking account. He said I could send a wire. I said for the same account he said yes. I went to my bank BofA and it took them about an 40 minutes to get my signature card, (the second time I went there) but they finally got my wire out. Guess what the clearing firm does not accept wires from non same name accounts.

    I no longer want to work with this original broker. So here is my question. I am accustomed to electronic trading and would prefer to not have to pick up the phone. Who has good fast executions, at a reasonable price into non electronic pits. Keeping in mind I would like to manage the trade over my computer and not the phone (most of the time). Thanks for the help.
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    i'm not sure what broker you are dealing with but the new anti-money laundering regulations can be quite strict and are probably the reason for their policy
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