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  1. could somebody recoment a broker where I can trade more accounts with one workstation.

    Lets say. My brother, my father and my oncle open a stock account with IB.

    the problem is that I now have to trade the same trades on 3 accounts. A bit stressfull but can work. BUT what sould I do if I have to trade with 10 accounts. Mission with my tradingstyle IMPOSSIBLE.

    So I search for a broker where i can trade manny accounts with one workstation.

    thanks for help

  2. Terra Nova.
  3. wild


  4. TNO-Mike



    If you are looking to trade multiple accounts on one workstation, Terra Nova Online can offer you this functionality on the RealTick trading platform. Within RealTick you can have multiple accounts linked to the platform and you could easily trade each one.

    FYI... You can trade both stock/options and futures accounts with Terra Nova and have multiple accounts for each linked to your RealTick log on allowing you to easily trade all. If you need more information or would like to learn more about us let me know.


    Michael Garvey
    Client Services
    Terra Nova Online