Broker for fix connection

Discussion in 'Programming' started by chapaev7, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. chapaev7


    Anybody can suggest a good broker for my custom trading platform that will use quickfixj for fix feed.
  2. Interactive Brokers and MB Trading.
  3. chapaev7


    thanks for that !
    any recommendation between the two? Looking to trade my automatic strategies on ES (2-3 times/day)
    Also historical data should be available for becktests.
    Appreciate it !
  4. chapaev7


    Thanks for the info!
    I would also appreciate any insight on getting historical data for backtesting with the above brokers (speed, reliability etc) through the fix channel. Is that expensive with MB or IB ?

    I'm planning to go live with trading futures, not heavily, 5-10 trades/day. What would be the best broker for me?
    Any tips appreciated !