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    Hello together,

    I am relatively new to stock trading and haven't executed very much trades so far. I am currently reading up on a lot of different resources about trading in general to broaden my knowledge.

    UBS Switzerland (My current bank & broker) charges 40$ for each executed trade, which is A LOT. They don't offer very valuable research options either.

    I am interested in trading stocks in a 'swing trading' manner, not day trading, not investing. What I am now looking for is a relatively cheap broker, who fullfills these requirements:

    - EDUCATION on equities, stock trading, charts, etc.
    - Relatively cheap with a still usable trading platform
    - Accepts International Traders (I currently live in Switzerland)
    - I can use primarily for Stock Trading

    I am registered with Thinkorswim, but haven't transfered any funds yet. I love the software platform, their educational stuff seems to concentrace heavily on options though, and as a newcommer with not a ton of capital to spend, I would like to start with stocks, which I believe also to be a little less risky.

    As you can tell, the 'educational' part is a major factor for my decision. There is a lot of information available on the net, and it would be nice to be able to 'read up on one -trusted- place' and be able to try the strategies advised by my broker.

    Any input highly appreciated.

  2. You might consider TD Ameritrade. They own Thinkorswim. The cost per trade is $10.