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  1. I 've looked around for a low commission broker for FDAX / FESX / ES. Mirus Futures seeem to have the lower commissions I found for a RT volume between 0-500:

    FDAX: eur 2.63 RT
    FESX: eur 2.25 RT
    ES: usd 4.40 RT

    Looks a lot better than IB who charges eur 4 RT for FDAX / FESX.

    Has anyone found lower commission for a small volume?
  2. cvds16


    you better start to do some real investigating before you post figures here ... IB is way cheaper for daytrading.
  3. CVDS16,

    IB costs eur 4 for FDAX and FESX, why are you saying they are cheaper?
  4. cvds16


    no you are wrong, better start to have some decent look at IB.
  5. YOU ARE WRONG: eur 2 per side for IB = eur 4 per RT!!!
  6. commission alone isn't everything think about
    spread / execution / platformstability / slippage
    IB is my choice for trading the dax future
  7. cvds16


    stubborn moron: I have IB as broker I trade way cheaper with them.
    You better not start trading if you are even not capable of looking up prices on a website, let alone what happens if prices start to move in realtime with futures.
    you come across as quite ridiculous !
  8. Mirus have Ninja Trader
    Commish are cheaper, you dont know what you are talking about
  9. cvds16


    man, I have been trading for 20 years and I am with IB since 2000 and I don't know what I am talking about ... ? ? ?
    you are pathetic !
    only total morons pay 4 € roundturn for FESX at IB !
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