Broker, data feed and charts for daytrading (scalping)

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by zoki.rb, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. zoki.rb


    Hi everyone!

    It's been some time I'm reading. Great forum. I've been trading for about 6 years, but now I want do something different. I'm interested in daytrading, more like scalping. Now I have account at Think or Swim, and I am pleased with service offered, but due to the system I would like to start using, their cost per share is too big.

    I read many threads and I think that I'm pretty sure I will go with Interactive Brokers because of low commission and supposed fast order execution. However I need true tick charts for my trading and there comes my problem. IB doesn't have true ticks. I need 133 tick charts.

    What data feed and charting software you use?

    I need all three of them to be very well integrated and functioning flawlessly, here seconds make or break the system.

    I also need good backtesting software with ticks, or at least tick data history so I could manually backtest.

    By now I tried free Ninja Trader but seems a lot worse than Think or Swim and I wouldn't like to use something with less functionality than actual at TOS.

    Monthly fees are not a problem, I need quality before all.