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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by bennie83, May 16, 2009.

  1. bennie83


    If I were to trade the E mini S&P future contract future with IB, what would the fees be for the following:

    1. Approx commission (on their website they seem to quote $4.80 RT?)
    2. Platform and charting fees per month (I assume this is free)
    3. Market data fees per month (looking for live quotes bid & offer + market depth etc, don't know if this would be non-professional/professional)
    4. Inactivity fees per month
    5. Any other fees for non-US residents per month (i.e. transfering money etc)

    I have tried asking IB this, but they just point me to their website. Sometimes it is difficult trying to piece all this information together.

    Many thanks everyone.
  2. Hittfeld


    Most of your questions were answered already in your other thread. So #2, 3,4 are zero (if more than $30 comm. p.m., otherwise $10) #5 is also zero for the first monthly wire withdrawl.

    IBs charting capabilities might be insufficient, so you might add QT (free -depending on your requirements), SC , or any other charting program (MS at high costs, amibroker most bang for the low bucks).

    I can`t imagine IBs customer service, which is not of the handhelding type, would not answer these question in a quick, competent and correct way.


  3. bennie83


    Thanks for the info. Trust me, in my experience IB just send back an automated email with various links every time, even if I have specific questions. Service not their strong point IMO.