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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by danieljsalas, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. Hi guys, i am new here in the forum although not to trading, i basically trade stocks, but now i am into futures. Problem is I cannot find a broker and a good platform. I tried ninja trader with zenfire from AMp, the dealbook of GFT, then amp global. I dont know ninja trader was OK but i have to pay extra fee for the EOD data. CAn someone please recommend me a good broker with a good platform, there are so many that i am started to get crazy about this, tradestation is too expensive for me. since i will be trading just 1 contract to start with.

    Let me know guys i really appreciate it

  2. any help please?
  3. If you go to: and look on the LEFTHAND side (ignore the "featured firms") - they are just advertisers you will see a list of brokers - these are links to reviews from this site.

    FWIW - Interactivebrokers is probably used by about half the people here. You can trade forex, futures, stocks and options out of the same account. They are huge and have good account security. People seem to moan about their customer service.

    Velocity and OpenECry are also pretty good - OEC lets you have 2 weeks of "fake" trading with their interface, which is good for learning purposes.

    But it may also depend on how much you have to trade. Many brokers have minimums. But frankly, if you only have $2-$5k, you will likely lose your money rapidly anywhere....
  4. Thanks , do you know if i can use ninja trader with IB. i guess i can but how much will the data feed be for the ES?
  5. i dont use ninja, but if your search the IB or ninja site, i am sure it is mentioned...
  6. ES datafeed will be free as long as you spend 30.00 per month in commissions. I think it's 10.00 per month for the feed if you don't spend at least 30.00 in commissions. Very good data for basic trading of securities, futures, etc... Not real tick data though but I'll let others chime in about that. Data meets the novice needs IMO. This is through IB, not Ninja.

    I think you can use Ninja free provided you don't want to do actual orders from within Ninja. If you want to use it for that you have to pay monthly fees, to Ninja not IB.

    disclaimer: I'm new to this game and not a Ninja user but I use IB.