broker allow split and merge position

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by idtaken, May 2, 2006.

  1. idtaken


    i am looking for a broker who allow split and merge a position,
    say if i have a EUR/JPY, i can split it into EUR/USD and USD/JPY
    if i have a short EUR/JPY and long EUR/USD, allow me merge it into a short USD/JPY.

    and also API trading avaialable .

    please advice which brokers provide such services.

  2. taboni


    Hotspot allows you to split crosses into the legs. Check with them about the api though since I think they have a pretty hefty minimum monthly target volumewise that has to be met for its use.
  3. idtaken


    thanks very much, i will try contact with them, but my volume is not that huge,

    any other broker allow this ?
  4. Xenia


  5. w99



    As a matter of interest, why would you need such split and merge features?

    Hotspot offers only split, but not merge capability, doesn't it?
  6. idtaken


    acutrally can split is allow merge.

    the bad of IB is that they dont provide a free papertrading a/c, and i can not test my system real time on it.
  7. ids


    Our account minimum charge is $10/month. It is free if you are spending more then $30/month in commissions. Paper trading account is a free addition. Do you feel like $10/month is too expensive for you?
  8. idtaken


    can i have a paper trading a/c before i open an a/c with you ?
  9. def

    def Sponsor

    no. the primary reason is that we supply live market data which requires a subscription.
  10. idtaken


    any version of delayed paper trading a/c ? which support api trading. so that i can test my program ?
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