Broken System

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  1. When will we realize the reps and dems, including the president
    ( no matter what party) are a threat to national security? After it is too late? Most likely. The model of democracy is a great thing however the modern politician is more concerned about votes and short term interests then the longevity of our country. Thus, our system is broken.

    Does the military have the power and/or the right to take control of a broken system in the name of people?

    How long can we kick the can down the road? We need someone to right our great ship. Clearly the reps and dems are unable to this.

    Perhaps the military is the only entity that can make tough decisions on behalf of the people that would require sacrifice from every citizen in the short term, yet preserve our greatness for the long term.

    I do not condone communism or socialism. However, maybe we need a period of time where leaders can do the right thing without worrying about votes and special interests.

    Our government is the most inefficient entity in the world. They are a joke, an embarrasment, a liability to our great country.

    Maybe we need someone ( or entity) to come in and say " We are in trouble, this is what we need to do to right our ship. If you don't like it. Tough Shit!

    Maybe the Democratic and Republican parties should be dissolved and banned from our society. And perhaps a new politician will be born.

    We laugh at communism and socialism, yet are we any different? How many independents( people who think outside the box) have won the presidency? Zero.

    We get to vote for dumbass R or dumbass D. Yet, they pre determine who we vote for. Is that freedom? Is that what democracy is? They have the same strangle hold on us as China does on their citizens. With two exceptions.
    China is more efficient with governemnt resolve and China looks out for the best interests of thier citizens. We however, are all about the the dollar, and the short term. Let someone else worry about it down the road.

    How much longer can survive with this system?

    How does Bank of America steal billions from account holders via manipulating transactions(overdrafts) and only have to pay 410m to not fess up to it? Thank you g'ment. If a citizen can steal billions and only pay back millions and not go to jail, I would do it all day long.

    How can health insurance companies drop clients in their greatest time of need and sleep and night. Thank you g'ment. Yet we laugh at UK and Europe because it takes 6 months to get medical treatment(supposeably). I'd rather have it in 6 months than not at all. Thank you g'ment.

    We literally have to have a law that says hopsitals cannot deny anyone without insurance for emergency needs. Its all about the dollar. Thank you g'ment.

    Millions of Americans are out of work, yet, look at your county or state workers building roads and/or contruction. (seriously look)How many are white/black and how many are spanish. Thank you g'ment.

    I have a simple question? Since we are a consumption based econony. In its simplest form. Lets say 10 Americans had trades jobs paying 18 an hour. Now lost to "immigrants" who will work for 10 an hour. How does that equate to more revenues to the g'ment? Especially if x% is sent back to thier "immigrant countries" and not filtered back into the economy"? Times that by the millions. Is it really reducing the price of goods or services or is it just lining the pockets of treasonist Americans hiring these poeple. Thank you g'ment.

    Yet, we have a president, who scolds AZ and GA for thier immigraton reforms to preserve jobs for Americans yet does nothing on the federal level. Why?? Votes, of course.

    If you think "immigrants" are only taking jobs that Americans won't work, you're wrong. Again, look around your community and you will know what i am talking about. Thank you g'ment.

    I can carry on for another 1000 pages but why? Will anything change? I doubt it. Only fixing a broken system will change things. But todays politician can't/won't do it. We are broken.

    Maybe a few more years of 17 -20% of unemployment (the real rate) and a revolution of biblical proporations will change things.
    I doubt it.

    Bottom line, we are a broken system of rape, pillage and exploitation of human resourses. They will do this to us until near death and then let us heal momentarily to just do it again. (they need us) America has become nothing more then a global shopping mall with no regard patriotism, conciousness or brand.
    To be a American use to mean something. It had now been devalued like our currency.

    Thank you g'ment.

    Feel free to add anythng I missed.
  2. Good post. As far as Communism/Socialism, capitalism is the same kind of system, it just operates different - but the results are exactly the same. We can agree that Communism is a forced take-over of the financial assets of everybody, then it's under governmental regulation, correct?

    Capitalism does the same exact thing, except its a very slow and choking process. Since Communism and Capitalism both revolve around central private banks, this is how the same result is reach. Currencies are speculated, inflated, inflated, the cost of living increases, people pay more for less, and then big corporations consolodate and buy everything. Banks crash other banks, and buy them. Then what happens? Everything is controlled by a handful of "corporations" that are, for lack of better terms, THE government, since the government ponders to THEM.

    A lot of people are confused there about Communism/Capitalism. They're two heads of the same coin. And democracy? That's a farce in it of itself. Mob rule.

    As for the government, it stopped being a government for the American people a loooooooong time ago. For example, America's military fights for who? The safety of Americans? Really? Is that true? Who invaded America? "But the Moooslims did 9/11, der, der, der!" Sure thing, ;). They fooled an entire nations securities, and the best air force in the world had their thumbs up their asses that day drinking coffee and playing Nintendo...yeah...SURE.

    Anyway, nice thread, I'm sure it'll turn into another trollfest with people just calling each other's names.
  3. Capitalism was creating jobs in America.
    Post globalization, Capitalism is creating jobs in Chindia.
  4. I "loled", enough though it's not a statement to "lol" over. :(
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    Good thread. Just want to add that a lot of people confuse communism with socialism. Communism doesn't allow or discourage the ownership of asset. So it's destined to fail due to the fact that misallocation of resources is inevitable. On the other hand, socialism allows or promote the ownership of assets, but at the same time socializing some of the assets that produce essential goods. Socialism is good, but you'll also need a matching political structure. The bipartisan system that we currently have, brings out two political parties that can only win an election by bickering. That is because neither party can ever achieve the mandate. So in the end politicians are only interested in winning election. The mandate is a paradox. For example, people want lower taxes but more benefits. That doesn't make fiscal sense at all. It cannot be achieved.

    So what works? To be honest, I do not know. China currently has a socialism model (they are communist by name only). China is in a more politically advantageous position because they have one-party rule, so the political bickering part is eliminated. Btw, if you do not know, they have a multiple party system, but one party rule. The communist party consults with the other parties on major decisions, if I am not mistaken. Whether the China model will work or not, we'll see. The only potential threat to the China model is graft, and endless attempts by people who want a bipartisan system (hence the censorship and frightening surveillance on the people).

    Whatever's going down the road, politically and economically, everyone around the world, especially the younger generation are going to suffer tremendously.
  6. If you don't like the current system and you have good reasons for it, what is the alternative you propose? You are using many true premises in a soup type of argument with disconnected conclusions. What do you propose? If you have nothing to propose but you are just blaming the system, is it maybe that you should be blaming yourself instead?

    You are the system.
  7. I believe he was merely stating an opinion, and the obvious facts about what is going on today - your Matrix-Style attack, "you are the system", has no bearing because, well, you are NOT the system. If YOU were the system, then maybe you'd have control to DO something about the system.

    Also, to the poster above, yes, generally correct viewpoint on Communism/Socialism. Socialism, inherently, isn't "bad", and doesn't call for the distribution of wealth to all. All a person has to do is simply read the Communist Manifesto, and the ten points are right there for everybody to see; starting with the first point where they openly state they are taking all of your money and inheritance and making it illegal for you to own land - that it will all be done at the "State's discretion". If this isn't a blueprint for total domination of a people; I'm not sure what is.

    Socialism, again, most people think of "giving money to everybody". It's really not that - it's more of a social goodwill of the community. A togetherness. But, in this extremely self-important selfish attitude we live in today, I couldn't really see this working too effectively.

    And to the Matrix-person; what would work? Monarchy; as it's the only form of government that has ever worked for any period of time. But, we have all been conditioned to think that Monarch's are only bad.... even though the democracy/republic experiment has proved to be a complete and utter disaster.
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    Hi drillmega,

    Thank you for pointing out that socialism is not "giving money to everybody". In fact, socialism and capitalism can coexist side by side in real harmony. That is because both 'isms' operate on separate turfs. Socialism guarantee a limited fundamental material wealth (FMW) to the people: education, health care, basic income when people need it, etc. Capitalism, on the other hand, allows innovative and hard working people to gain relative wealth (RW).

    In order to simplify the complex machinery of wealth and monetary transaction, imagine there is a unit for FMW and RW. As a result, there exists an virtual exchange for both types of wealth. Let say for every 3 units of RW created, 1 unit of FMW will be created along the propagation of trades. The rule is, there should be more RW created anytime compared to FMW (this is to reward innovation and creativity). But we have to be careful not to reward too much of FMW.

    Governments have a bad propensity of doing just that. They do it through legislations and red tape (because of lobbying), thereby creating monopolies and structural mispricings. The other problem is mislabelling what should be considered RW. For example, banks should act more like utility to facilitate trades and business. Instead, they game on the system and treat the money generated as RW.

    Things will go out of whack when the 'exchange rate' between RW and FMW become extreme. To return to equilibrium again, we need a better definition of what are to be considered funadamental material wealth and relative wealth.
  9. That last part is right on track: fundamental 'material wealth' is directly related to 'relative wealth' as in both forms of wealth must exist in the tangible world. This is where we run into huge problems with today's money-financing scheme. People (banks) have squillions of dollars on computers - numbers with a lot of zero's in them. BUT, if we went to that bank and said, "Alright, empty the vault, let's measure this up", the bank would be found extremely short of "what it has on the computer to lend you".

    I'm sure I don't have to break down the system of the FED, but this type of money system basically breaks the back of every nation that ever tries to use it. How does a currency stay relative to trade and business, as well as facilitating it at the same time? By making your currency be backed by something tangible and something that cannot be speculated to the point where it becomes worthless.

    Even if we went back to the gold standard, a country's entire wealth could go down the tubes due to speculation, even on the gold standard. For example, a currency backed by the labor of a countries work force and it's material output, based on quality, time to produce, and price to ensure the product continues to get made, etc. This is something inherently internal, that some speculator from another country couldn't decimate your currency, etc.

    And yes, Socialism and Capitalism could work very well together, there are good parts to Capitalism, but right now we have Finance Capitalism...which is a totally different thing...

    Philosophically Capitalism and Communism are as different as day and night.

    However, what matters sometimes more is not the system in place but the order of things.

    See, when things are arranged to benefit a few at the expense of the rest, the philosophical system is irrelevant.

    But key differences remain and we should not take communism lightly. I lived trough it and do not need that experience again.

    In a communist society or system we would not be allowed to write in forums like this.

    In a communist society data is so manipulated and monopolized by the government that although you know things are bad you have no way of knowing how bad.

    The US has gone trough dark times many times in history and always emerged a better country. I believe this case is no different.

    It is shameful to see some of you speaking positively of Communism and Socialism. Very ignorant indeed. The closest thing to hell is communism. You only know when you live it. The only problem is that once you get, there is no way back. No change of parties because there is just one party.

    HAVE FAITH!!! And above all, oppose the corporatism system that is vanquishing us.

    May God Bless the United States of America. MY HOME.
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