Broken Banks

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    There was a fascinating BBC documentary broadcast this evening (the first of three parts) about the collapse of the financial industry. It was one of the most well-produced specials I have seen in recent memory. I don't know when it will air in the states, but for now there are segments available on YouTube...

    Here are the YouTube links:
  2. Like every other dumb schmuck he knows the answers afterwards. Where was the financial media before this financial crisis? I'd say most of these financial journalists, TV or serious press, before all this happened, were about as useful as tits on a snake. :p
  3. Why are you blaming the media.

    Blame yourself for not standing in Times Square and demanding the bullshit be stopped.

    You and 200 million of your best friends, equally guilty.
  4. prolly not so much a lack of understanding as much as a lack of virtuous character in most media participants

    all strata of people knew.. they just prioritize personal interest above any sort of will for fairness or collective well being. can't blame them for being the apes that they are. they're normal

    it's more of a failure of species imo.. not that that absolves anyone