broke/ unemployed and out of options so i signed up for the military.

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  1. I am not an idiot.. I have a degree with honors in Economics from a top 20 school and passed the CFA level 1 exam June 09.

    9 months unemployed and i give up. i'm 25 years old and I've never earned more than $15.50/hr and I've never had more than $2500 to my name. I have more than 40k in student debt.

    the biggest red flag on my resume is that i quit my last job because i could not stand working in back office operations $15.5/hr in a dead end job working with morons.. today i would take it :) i regret quiting now. its just upsetting that i have resorted to working as a server at a chain restaurant.

    i'm hoping the military can bring some humility back to my life, my plan is to safe some money and when i get out.. ill join a prop firm. i'm thinking i might get sympathy from grad schools like Wharton or HBS..

    3 years ago i supported Ron Paul and rallied against the foreign policy of the untied states.. at this im thinking, if you cant beat them, join em.
  2. Dont take this the wrong way, but it sounds like your feeling sorry for yourself. You always have to think, your situation could be alot worse than what it is now. Im thinking if your not happy now, you wont be happy in the military and you will want out. But if in your heart that is what you really want to do, which it doesnt sound like, then go for it. Dont do it out of anger, or fraustration. When times get tough, you always have to find a way.
  3. You have a degree.

    Get Officer Candidate School in your contract. Finish Basic then go OCS.

    Don't be a puss. Branch Infantry.

    Start at over 50k as a new 2LT.

    Get your fucking Ranger Tab and don't be a puss.

    Don't be a puss.
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    25 years old? You can still fly, I think the cutoff for primary flight training is 27 years 6 months.

    Ok, maybe you can't get in fighters with an economics degree but I'll tell you that C-17 looks like alot of fun to fly and you can probably fly tankers and they need C-130 pilots and they can't find enough drone pilots. :)

    Short of that, become a Ranger as the man said.
  5. In the Military, with a degree, your options are literally unlimited.
    No matter what anyone tells you, get with some officers of whatever branch you think floats your boat-USMC, ARMY, NAVY, AIRFORCE etc..and ask them the hard questions. Don't believe anything a recruiting officer tells you, GET IT IN WRITING !!!!
    Then go Officer Candidate School, and have FUN!
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    Let's see here.....

    You claim you're 25 years old and have a degree in economics from a top 20 school.....

    Please excuse me while my heart bleeds for you and I cry without ceasing for a full hour.:p :cool: :p

    I hope you never have to meet anybody who is really having hard times.

    Get up off your self-pitying pitiful ass and get on with your life!
  7. Don't do it man.

    Screw the man.
  8. Become a professional beggar. Good ones make 6 figure salaries, untaxed.:)
  9. Some say trading is a gamble, with money; but joining military is a gamble, with your life.
  10. Oh please. Use your brain and go through Air Force's OTS if you can. Then get out after your 4 if you're ready.

    Don't give up on your political views, even if you have to be somewhat of a pragmatist in your career moves for a while...
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