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  1. Michael Covel's latest motion picture: peter borish ex tudor and a host of other giants in the business---good stuff!!

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  2. EPrado


    Should be a great movie. Looking forwards to it. His books are a great read for traders.

    You ever read his latest....I forgot the title .... :)

  3. you know how i feel about the "trend following strategy" for most traders.

    however, this looks like a great, entertaining, educational and timely movie. Looks like Mike Moore has some serious competition in the space, GET OUT OF THE WAY MICHAEL MOORE, here comes the OTHER MICHAEL !

    :D :D :cool:
  4. EPrado


    Am shocked you would vouch for any project that a trend following guru would be doing.

    Covel's site is actually should read some of his stuff...YOU WOULD LEARN A TON !!!!
  5. You shouldn't be surprised about inconsistency from surfboy. He sucks on Covel big time.
  6. I read the site. In fact, i'm named checked in his books...

  7. EPrado


    I hope VN desnt find out.....might be to happy about that and cut Surf out of his will.
  8. EPrado


    Didnt you give his book a great review....then go back and say you didnt like his book and only gave it a good review because "thats what we do in the industry"?

  9. they are great books, fun to read. however, i still disagree that they teach good, smart strategies for the average investor/trader. The premise is still fundamentally flawed in my opinion, doesn't mean I can't like the book.

    yeah, i had some issues with him, but that was a long time ago.

    we are friends now.


  10. your quite the joker.

    :D :D :D :eek:
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