Broke Man offers 40% return on collateralized loan on his Tax refund

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  1. <i>"I am looking to give a 40% return on my tax return now so that I can pay rent, food for kids and utilities."</i>

    anyone going to help this guy out? Very nice ROI. But doesn't HR block etc give out tax return loans?

  2. The problem is there is no guarantee HE will get his refund...IRS or State can garnish for back child support...back taxes etc...also who is to say he can't line up 100 backers promising the same refund:D
  3. thats you isnt it?
  4. i am nearly tempted to take a risk on it. its a good deed with a chance of getting a solid return-- the dude has gotta be hurting big time to run a campaign like this. I would be surprised that its a scam for such a low amount----- Maybe someone here will help him out....

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    You are technically making a "donation" on that website right? There's absolutely no way for you to get your money even if he does get the refund?
  6. There is no way he's getting $2,700 back on $10k in earnings... and no way that the guy would pay. It's not collateralized. Even in the guy shows his irstogo there is no way to enforce.

    Begs the question...... htf did Bruce Hardy get a 26% refund on that AGI?
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    Marketsurfer - Google "Greg Duran Sante Fe, NM" before you donate. Maybe it's a common name; if not, the guy is a practiced scammer - FX trading, hedge fund database marketing, etc.
  8. are you even taxed on just 10k of income in the US? Maybe this does seem suspicious.
  9. thanks for heads up.. surf
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