Brocky's gone too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by acronym, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. Peter perfect, the most exemplary touring car racer to have been produced in this lucky country, has hit an obstacle.

    A big one. Bugger.
  2. Family man, sensible person, all around good guy, and vegan, and winner of an absurd number's of bathurst races,
    has passed on.

    Another national icon, gone.

    Anyone watch this guy race? There's a reason he was called peter perfect, because his driving was F*n brilliant.

    No doubt, little johnny will spout some crap over this as well, but he aint got nothin.

    And he 'aint got nothin', because he's a weasel.

    Come on little johnny, give us some weasel words, you f##ng prat.

    The king of bathurst, is dead...............
    Long live the king.


    The servers to the peter brock foundation seem to be jammed up. Next best, here.

    For the international folk, peter brock was the kickass'enest touring car racer to have existed, bar none.
  4. Brock kicked ass, maybe i did'nt mention that.

    You obviously never watched this guy race,
    STEVE46, but he's actually bigger than steve irwin here.

    Presumably, you think he's an idiot, whom his family would be better off without, you ignorant, arrogant, f#ng sociopathic retard.