Broadway to file Chapter 11!

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  2. This goes against the Schonfeld/Broadway deal....anyone know for sure what is happening....


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    where is the news on this?
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    wouldn't surprise me- i traded with these pikers for a while when i didn't know any better (right out of college and they were in my small town) but got the hell out of there for greener pastures......they were pretty shady- surprised they'd file for ch 11- they charged 2 cents/share NOT ALL-IN!!! that was what i had at first- had to pull teeth and eventually (after 1 yr) got .009 all-in...but they made SO much $$$$$ of high commissions that it wouldn't surprise me if the owners took the money and ran....just folded the biz......but i don't think this is true- i heard they were bought out by schoney for something like $14 million...but not 100% sure on that......don't really keep up with them anymore, don't really care......
  5. i heard the deal collapsed because one of the main players died. this delayed the sale causing it fall through during a downturn in the business and economy. did you hear anything about this?
  6. I have seen 1.2¢ everything included with Broadway Canada, and not for the biggest volume only! Seem to have spread in fee.
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    Read the current issue of Active Trader's Magazine(Sept 2002).

    They also mentioned AB Watley . Blackwood Trading, and something about ProTrader shutting offices down.

    Here's another article titled:

    Blackwood Files For Chapter 11, Looks for Re-Birth in the Software Business
  8. I'm glad Blackwood is filing for Chap. 11. Those shady assholes in NY were arrogant and assnine!
  9. Schonfeld figured out a way to keep them afloat for a brief time while taking a free look to see if he wanted to buy the entire thing. He left them at the alter. I heard that Instinet clearing lost a sub loan of $2 million.
  10. ch 11 weeds out the scammers...

    but the ones left standing are not to be trusted either.

    Who would but a trading firm these days? any firm that's failing is obviously a POS.
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