Broadway Joe goes for Kolber

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  1. Joe Namath Makes Pass At ESPN Reporter On Camera
    Interview Cut Short

    POSTED: 7:27 a.m. EST December 22, 2003

    NEW YORK -- It was a football sideline interview -- complete with a pass.

    ESPN cut short an interview with Joe Namath during Saturday's Jets-Patriots game -- after some curious answers from the Hall of Fame quarterback.

    When reporter Suzy Kolber asked Namath what the Jets' struggles this season mean to him personally, he leaned in and said: "I want to kiss you."


    Kolber's reply: "Thanks, Joe. A huge compliment."

    Namath later repeated: "I want to kiss you." Kolber sent it back to the announcers in the booth.


    The network said Namath also "made some relevant football points" -- but adds it wouldn't have done the interview if it had known what Namath was going to say.

    The Jets aren't commenting on the exchange.