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  1. I use a cable hookup from Time Warner and i get it that I am sharing the pipe with every Tom, Dick and Harry and my MB will degrade as others come online.

    Only recently have I begun to do a fair bit of scalping so I called TW to find out if for a modest price I could upgrade my service. My service was:

    15 MB Down, 1.5 MB up. When I tested it an hour ago at SpeedTest I got:

    4.22 Down, 0.74 Up, Ping 21 ms and Jitter 4ms.

    They told me for an extra $10 a month I could go to 30/5 which of course I did. At their instruction I rebooted the modem and then I tested again. I got;

    3.78 Down, 0.47 Up no change in ping or jitter.

    I want to discourage anyone from believing that I know what any of these numbers actually mean ... I do not. But I do know they are headed south not north as they should. The good news (if I can call it that) is that in my quiet residential neighborhood everyone is at work during market hours (these numbers are a Saturday afternoon) and the numbers will be much better. BTW ... Fios has not yet reached where I live or I would switch in a heartbeat.

    if I need more speed to scalp will a load balancer (maybe a cheap Peplink) and adding DSL to the cable boost my capacity considerably and also add redundancy seamlessly? Are there other reasonably priced solutions? Is there a higher priced spread that is only a couple of hundred more per month or are we talking big money/

    I am not trying to avoid doing the legwork; I am hoping to find out what direction to march in. Thanks in advance.
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    Is FIOS available at your location? I pay for 25/25 but get over that. I'm very happy with FIOS internet.
  3. Lovely numbers you have on your test but as I said:

    "BTW ... Fios has not yet reached where I live or I would switch in a heartbeat."

  4. I'd call and raise hell. What they sold you before is not what they were delivering and so they said pay more money and you'll get x. Only when you pay more money they deliver even less. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Call and raise hell and ask for a supervisor and their supervisor, etc...

    As to combining DSL and cable, I've never done that; I'm not qualified to provide feedback on it.
  5. I am raising hell but to raise hell effectively you have to know what you want. What I want is not financial ... it is service. I'm not sure these imbeciles can deliver that.

    In the meantime I need to solve my problem not just fight the good fight. the good fight sometimes ain't that good!

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    Have you inquired abt their business offerings? If you are willing to pay, they have some different solutions that might work for you.
  7. This is not to be offensive, just to make the point where to invest time:
    4.22 is more than enough for scalping.

    If there is a problem it might come from another point (software?).
  8. +1. what else is on your computer that could be slowing it down? this is why so many traders have a dedicated computer for trading - no porn, games, pictures of cnbc babes, whatever. i strongly suggest you do a complete inventory of every program on your comp (see the add/remove programs in ctrl panel) and look at what programs start automatically at startup (start-run-msconfig and click on startup).

    for the most part ANY cable internet service is more than adequate for any trading unless you're trying to trade sub millisecond in which case you'd prob co locate and not be talking to us et'ers about it.
  9. My thought was that they could pump it up from their end. As we say in fire protection engineering, you can't pump more water than comes out of the pipe (hydrant). That's why when a fire is confirmed a call is put in to the water utility to pump up the pressure.

    If they are "sending" significantly more than you are receiving, there could be a problem between you and them which they need to account for either by adding more input or finding the problem in between.
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    In fact, if you are scalping a dozen of instruments manually and are wantching a dozen more indices or instruments, even dial-up bandwidth 56k is almost sufficient.

    Your main concern should be not bandwidth but latency.
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