Broadband ISP & Dial-Up Backup

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  1. I have decided to go with a DSL service as my main service and a dail-up ISP as my backup. (1) In order for this to work, I have to have both services, correct? Like DSL and AOL or something? (2) What hardware or software would accomodate automatic backup for the dial-up? Do I need one such as the Compex/Nextland or are there other options if not using 2 highspeed ISPs??
  2. u130747


    I have cable internet by Road Runner and I have their dial up. They provide it free for 10 hours a month. After 10 hours it's 99 cents an hour.

  3. Have you tested the dial-up backup? Is it supposed to dial automatically if cbale is down? Have you tested it?
  4. For complete redundancy, it's better to have your backup with a different ISP.
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    I have used Qwest/MSN DSL for about 4 months, so far no problems. They have two options for speed. I did have a phone line problem in my house (my problem) which I corrected after about 3 days. Because I use my computer for a non-trading home based business (newbie getting ready to try swing trading) I had to hook up my old 56K modem. Sure a drag after experiencing DSL or Cable. Only took about 5 minutes to unhook cables for DSL and hook up the 56K

    I would say, without any experience in trading, that you could probably swing trade with a 56K modem; I don't think it would work well for day trading.

    If it is within your budget having a backup DSL would be best.

    Good luck, Birchbay