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    Anyone else get this in their Inbox this week?
    Anyone know what their terms are?

    Dear ,

    We are pleased to finally announce our recent approval for membership with the CBSX(Chicago Board of Options Stock Exchange).

    Broad Street Trading
    Working for Broad Street Securities Group

    As we are well aware of the regulatory climate in our industry, becoming a regulated entity has been a top priority. Now that our long awaited approval is finally here we can grow to the capacity we have envisioned.

    Since the start of Broad Street Trading, LLC we have grown to a little over 260 traders and we continue on our search for talent to manage our capital base. As we grow out of the boutique stage we will continue to have a boutique approach to managing our traders.

    Our new structure will allow us to pass on steep discounts on clearing rates to our traders. Our new office space is days away from completion and we are on track for our move in date on December 1st.

    We thank you for your interest in working with us. For more information on how you can become part of our team please contact us directly.

    Broad Street Trading Team

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    Hope it's better than the .006 - .009 they were offering when they were unlicensed. And hope they are using better software than DAS Pro or Sterling.
  3. Delete :(
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    BST Class January 03, 2011

    Deadline for signing up for January class, is December 23rd, 2010 as a due diligence screening is required for all candidates for our fully backed program.

    What we are looking for: A strong candidate that works well under pressure, and has an analytical mind to diffuse any of the multitude of problems a trader will face throughout his/her career. Markets change, and as they change, the way products are traded also adapt with the current market climate.

    We need people who can adapt to these markets, understand where we have been and most importantly, where we are going. The goal of our program is to isolate and train talent that will eventually take the reins and lead the company to new heights and capabilities. This is why we have provided access to all courses offered at Broad Street, in a cost effective package, to ensure that our core traders receive a near complete education being exposed to many disciplines of trading equities.

    Our courses may be viewed here

    The fully backed program offers access to all courses with extended labs, and continuous daily mentoring. All trainees begin with a live trading account and allocated $50,000 in firm capital on their first week. Payout starts at 60% of monthly profits from Day 1.

    Our past webinar on Parity/Scalp trading , the first phase of our program.

    We as a company have extraordinary capabilities by providing world class infrastructure and connectivity to traders worldwide for US equities and options. From colocation services and access to advanced institutional execution platforms, continuous support and company capital, there is no limit to what an eager and capable mind can achieve.

    Our courses are not limited to in house traders. If you are unable to attend class at our NYC headquarters, and/or other remote opportunities: 646.727.9089
  5. their training is short.. subpar.. not worth the money they charge.. its highly inefficient daytrading strats based on PA price breaks..they capital requirement is stupid low they are concerned with turning capital quickly through broker.. i wouldnt go with them
  6. I've traded with BST in the past. I can't comment on the quality of their educational programs, but they did provide me decent rates and good service when I was trading prop with them. They're a really honest and genuinely good group of people. I'm not going to praise their education, however. Sounds like they're just trying to attract noobs.