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  1. Thanks for the reply. From my limited experience talking on the phone with them, they see great. I will likely open an account as soon as it is practical for me to do so.
  2. like i said ..small firm ..but straight up and very helpful... good luck !
  3. never heard... check out bright and cygroup.
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    So, are they a prop firm, or retail? DO they require a Series 7? Do you get a K-1 or 1099 at year end? What is the capital contribution I saw mentioned? Is it a fee for training or is it your money to lose and can be taken out anytime?
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    I was told by the firm manager Tim that he takes the trades he recommends. He told me to come and watch what they do. I recently visited the Broad Street office and watched them 'trade' the open. He would not let me see him trade and got upset everytime I went behind him to see what he was doing. Tim called out many trades. I asked him if he was taking the trades himself. He said yes but would not show me any executions on his screen. When I asked why he can't show me that he is actually making the trades he turned red and told me that it's "proprietary information". I asked him his p&l (profit and loss) and after saying ummm for 30 seconds he said 1300. He is a liar. This firm is not willing to take the trades they themself recommend.
  6. ???? The head trader Tim broadcasts all trades and his positions online via his chatroom. He definitely takes the trades.
  7. duh.
    why else would he be calling out what he's doing to his traders.
    it's his money.
    he's driving.
    and he doesn't answer to some guy who just walks into his office looking over his shoulder and asking a lot of stupid questions.
    i'd have called security and had you thrown onto the sidwalk on your ass if you walked up behind me at the open.
  8. hi broad street trading llc is reliable this prop trading firm? i do not find comments or info about them exept their own website
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