Broad Commits 75% of Wealth to Charity, Takes Buffett Pledge

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  1. For every stereotype greedy Jew like Madoff, there are thousands of benevolent Jewish philanthropists like Eli Broad whom you never hear about.
  2. Yes, it's sad that good deeds generally go unnoticed and bad deeds get headlines for months/years. But, then again, I'm sure the good deed doer's aren't in it for the headlines

  3. Gates were on Charlie Rose last night. I'd like to see how those billions are being spent. Not that I entirely disbelieve they're being spent on worthy causes but I'd just like to see what sort of
    headway they're making. Going to check their website.
  4. Gates Foundation?

    Hmmm, forced sterilizations, questionable vaccines, dangerous pharma drugs being given to the impoverished African population.

    Now that's REAL philanthropy.

    As for Eli Broad, lol. I would place money that the charity is nothing more than a backdoor way to protect his wealth from taxes. It's a common tactic.
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    If Gates and Buffett wanted to persuade billionaires, there aren't so many that they couldn't reach most of them privately. They probably know most of them. When you do it via press conference, there is probably another motive. I'll leave it to you to figure out why billionaires want the public to think of them as very generous. And right at a time when riots are developing in other countries like Greece and, very soon, Spain, over their transfer payment cutbacks.

    Also, keep in mind how public companies publicly announce stock buybacks to great fanfare, but in many (most?) cases, never follow through. It's all about the public perception. There may be an analogy here.
  6. where's your foundation your pledge :D

    anything is better than nothing which is what your pledging

    ps show me obama's birth cert till then..
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    This is very likely to be true.

    Buffet is this empathetic fellow telling us to pay more taxes for teachers - as a company he has a large stake in (moodys) was rating crap "investment grade" so his wall street friends and business partners could sell that crap to the teacher pension funds. Thereby screwing those teachers out of their retirement.

    Essentially he wanted us to pay more taxes so he would not feel as guilty screwing the teachers out of retirement money.

    That is the definition of a limo liberal socialist.
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    They could give away 90% of their wealth and it would not affect their lifestyles. Do you really think Gates or Buffet will do without?

    I'm more impressed with a regular guy donating $100. He probably has to forego something to do that, small as it is.
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