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    BRLC are the makers of Olevia televisions. I've lost a decent amount of money betting that this stock would beat earnings, gain momentum, and thinking that the company will be competetive in the television industry. Everyone's upgrading to lcd and plasma tv's nowadays. Recently, they have been having problems coming out with financial reports and they also reorganized their management team. Anybody own this stock or have any clue where the stock price is heading?

  2. I think it's headed toward bankruptcy unless something happens soon. The LCD TV business is extremely capital intensive and BRLC simply can't keep up with the "big boys." Notice how the largest companies, such as Samsung and Sony, are making joint ventures to spread out the costs.
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    You do have a good point. I think with the new team, they will make better decisions and survive in the competetive market. Do you think some kind of merge or acquision will take place? It's been doing pretty damn good the past couple of days and is back over the $1 mark. I think it's a great long term investment.
  4. BigE from your threads on this stock and SWHC you seem like a classic bottom-fisher.
    I'm curious as to how that is working for you. It can be quite difficult.
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    It sure is in this tough market. It's a new technique I'm trying but it hasn't worked really well. Lately, I've been doing really good on bad days and poorly on huge rallys the market makes. Strange but true. I just believe that investors have shorted these stocks heavily. They deserve to be at a higher price and I think that with a little patience, you can make some good $$$ here.
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    I think this stock is a buy now. The issue BRLC had was collecting on their receivables which management has changed the model of their business to now more of collecting royalities. The second point is that silverpoint is not the type of hedgefund to force your company into bankruptcy.