Discussion in 'Stocks' started by michaelscott, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. Should be bought...pivot off the 20 day moving average and up on a down day.
  2. Why buy this POS ? The gap up and gap downs every week make it hard to take a swing trade position on this crap.

    If you're going to hold it long term, I can see that, but swing trading 6% gap up and gap downs is ridiculous.
  3. Look at the chart. Pivot off the 20 day moving average. Stock corrected about 1/2 of the advance. The natural buying point is now.
  4. I dont think you have to worry. Simply look at the market and look at the price of the stock. Someone is propping it up. Thats my take.
  5. why does everyone keep bringing up BRLC? there are so many good stocks out there,why BRLC? sme goes for LSI. i think people tend to favor stocks under 10 bucks and then get irrational about their ecpectations becuas ethey think of AAPL-TASR-BOOM and others. i don't think BRLC is another TA or BOOM.