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Discussion in 'Options' started by atticus, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. Anyone looking to buy Sep listed vol in BRK B? Drop me a PM if so. Thanks.
  2. The bid/ask spreads are "impressive" out there.
  3. Sure I am looking to take you out of your position at a really crappy price for me. Should I grab my ankles after I dial your numbers?

  4. It's to open a position, haha. I am trying to cross at mid, but I fear the opportunity has passed, as vols have dropped 400bp.
  5. I was just kidding around I am sure you'd make me a very very fair price, right?
  6. Yeah, I was willing to trade fair-val or worse [for me] as priced on the synthetic. The 32-straddle was priced at 250 mid at 33%, and I was willing to sell 240. It's 220-mid right now.
  7. Would it be feasible to merely trade KO as a substitute instead?
  8. No, but thanks. Vols dropped before I found someone will to cross the trade. I have a stat-vol forecast of <22% through expiration.
  9. 1) Dial 1-402-346-1400, ask for Warren or Charlie.
    2) Post your original message on the BRKA message board at Yahoo, AOL, Motley Fool or Wilmott.
    3) You may already know this but contact the DPM's in BRKB and Citadel. They may be willing to come off of the posted bid/ask. :cool:
  10. Yeah, I'll give them a call. ;) I worked the order for a couple of days.
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