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    I apologize in advance if this has been discussed...

    but why are there no options on Berkshire class B ?

    price of the shares? Volume traded? Buffett/Munger said "no"?
  2. Corporation has no say in whether options are listed.

    there are only two choices:

    No exchange wants to list those options

    or the stock does not qualify for listing.

    It may not trade enough volume, but I don't know the specific reason.

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    thanks for the info Mark

    I actually had no idea corporations had no say.
  4. doesn't trade enough volume.

    I assure you , if you were a big account, and wanted to play for real money, you could get an otc option written.

    maybe Warren would do it for ya.
  5. you got your wish. you will soon be a billionaire just like warren.

    how much you think the ATM options will trade for . $1, $2?

    lol, you'll crap your pants when you see the price.
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  7. BRK options ATM strike value (July) will be between 180-260 dollars by my rough estimate. According to the Bloomberg article the strikes are 100 apart. Pretty wide spreads, I'd say.
  8. Save yourself the aggravation and trade KO instead. :cool:
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  10. Don't worry, I won't be trading them. I'll stick with SPX and other indexes. I like plenty of volume, a decent open interest and reasonable spread distances... in this case either 10 or 25 wide would be far more appealing.
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