Britney: will she or won't she?

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  1. commit suicide?
  2. if she did, i wouldnt be too shocked. I do feel somewhat sorry for her and whats happened in the past year.
  3. You need to define suicide . . . like Anna Nicole, where it was an "accident," or like Sylvia Plath (putting your head in the oven is pretty intentional).
  4. Who's more pitful, BS or her fans?
  5. Answer: The Media.
  6. Why? What tragic events have happened to her that allow for any pity?

    Those poor celebrities, sob.:( How can life be so cruel to them?

  7. In the eighties, Geo Pillsbury, heir to a lotta dough, started a support group for folks that inherited a lotta dough, and couldn't find themselves.
    It 's amazing that human beings, no matter what their station in life, come up with a set of unsolvable problems based on their circumstances.
  8. donnap


    I know and I just can't figure that out. I need a support group, too.:D
  9. just saw a thing on E!.. net worth north of 100 mil.. that's more than YOU and your next 5 generations of loosers .. and she's still a kid :p
  10. Poor Little Rich Girl ... her kids are irretrievable scared from here insanity, and if you think they won't remember, you're wrong, they're going to remember everything.

    All that money and she still can't even begin to find any happiness, that just shows you what it's worth.
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