Britney Spears...nude.....

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  1. Delicious or not ?

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  2. My prediction: Spears' singing/acting career is now OVER.

    She's the 'new Michael (Anna Nicole) Jackson'. From this point on, her albums won't even sell 10% as well as they used to.
  3. yeah, but I'd still hit it :D
  4. But you still suck on those nipples won't ya...

    :eek: :p

  5. Well, sure.

    ... but first I'd need her to cleanse her body from any and all lingering Federline residue.
  6. She's nasty... not in the good way either.

    Never thought she was good looking and wouldn't hit that trailer trash, especially after Federline was there.

    I agree her career is over...
  7. It's so sad, just now when I was finally paying attention to her....everybody is already giving her up...

    talk to me about timing...

  8. Ricter


    She's up 10 pounds in makeup alone in that shot.
  9. She's turned into a disgusting slob....but no where near as big of a piece of shit as her parasite husband Federline. That guy should be neutered before he plants any more white trash seeds.
  10. yeah she's seriously ugly, pathetic and 'rozza', no finesse, zero taste and she looks more and more like that rotten witch of her mother; she looked good when 15yrs old on the first video 'hit me babe...'. i bet she will vanish into oblivion in less than 2yrs.
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