Britney Spears is Preggers!

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    Oops! She did it again! Oh my, oh my! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! After weeks of speculation, she finally revealed the truth last night on David Letterman. I can't wait to get together with my friends and dish, dish, dish! Will it be a boy or a girl? What will she name it? Will she have a natural childbirth? Will she -

    Ahhh, who gives a shit.

  2. Thank God this gentleman continues breeding.
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    Hey pal, he just came out w/a new rap album. I'm sure it's a work of genius that will be a major hit and will be acclaimed by the hip-hop community as a masterpiece.

    I wonder if he and Nick LeShea ever get confused and go home to the wrong meal-ticket...

  4. Of course it is. Talking (not singing) rhymes to pre-recorded music you didn't write is nothing short of spectacular musicianship.
  5. Yes, definitely news we need to know.

    And as for rap, I doubt it is mere coincidence that it rhymes with crap. On the plus side, when rap "music" is eventually recognized for what it is and finally implodes, these "vocalists" will be able to pursue careers as cattle auctioneers. Ever hear those guys?

    There. I feel better.
  6. Hey dont hate the players,,,hate the game.
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    With all due respect, and knowing full well that this will be an unpopular pov on ET, you sound a bit like the Mom's and Pop's of the late 50's and early 60's, claiming that Rock 'n Roll was a passing fad and that the likes of Tommy Dorsey and the Big Band music of their era would again rule the day when everybody came to their senses and saw the musical light. Rap & Hip-hop have been around for 25 yrs now, the very-white Blondie first paid tribute to the new emerging style of the time with "Rapture" in 1980. I'm definitely no authority on music, in fact I'm not at all musical, but 25 yrs is hardly a flash-in-the-pan, most assuredly. Rap has evolved just as has rock-n-roll, country, pop, whatever. There is great, great rap and one of the things that makes it so great is that it's soooo different. I like all kinds of music, including Tommy Dorsey, country, and rock and roll, when done well, and I think rap is very real, very valid, and quite amazing. Obviously if it's not to your taste and you're unwilling to listen w/an unjaundiced ear, it's pointless to try to point out what makes it great or the greats that make it. But if you can open your mind (and your ear) listen to some of Eminem's early stuff. Ironically, this white guy is one of the best rappers ever. His lyrics are sheer poetry, witty and eloquent and as sharp as a knife, and his music can be quite beautiful and his songs are deeply moving.

    When I was a teenager in the early 70's I had a good friend who was a wonderful musician. I once asked him where music, specifically rock and roll at the time, could go from here, and he said it had gone about as far as it could, and that other genres would evolve from it. (Just as rock and roll, if I understand music history correctly, had evolved from the blues.) He died a few years later and never witnessed punk or rap or hip-hop or whatever else. But he was stone on the mark. Just as rock and roll was completely radical but still part of what preceded it, so is rap.

  8. There are thousands of great, great musicians around. Ones that
    actually sing, write their own music, and play musical instruments. No one will ever hear of them. There is no actual
    "musical talent" in rap. Sure, you may like the style of it and it has evolved, but they don't sing, write music, or play instruments.
  9. hcour,

    I can appreciate just about any type of music other than rap or any of its aliases or derivatives. I like rock music of just about every kind (some more than others), jazz, blues, soul, reggae, disco and even a bit of country. And yes, I do like the Big Band era, as you alluded. I like classical music and can even appreciate an aria from time to time. Heck, I even like yodeling! But make no mistake. Rap is crap. It is a means for people with little or no talent to make huge sums of money selling crap to people who don't know what real music is, and are too stupid to know what they are buying. I will say this, however. I have heard a couple of rap "songs" that were actually, well...mildly entertaining. In fact, one was by Eminem, and the other was by Will Smith. But let us not kid ourselves by calling what they do "music." By and large, rap is thug "music." I can see it as the music of choice for drive-by shootings.

    Perhaps I would be a bit more tolerant of it if they played less of it at the gym where I work out. (I complain, as do others, and they change it, but only for a while.) But I doubt it.

    Beauty may be in the eye or the ear of the beholder. But come on! There is such beautiful and diverse music out there for anyone who wants it. Who in their right mind actually prefers rap?
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