Britney Spears desperate for attention

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  1. Yahoo headline: Britney Spears shaves her head.
  2. I actually feel sympathy for her as when I saw the pic of her with a shaved head and looked at her eyes, I saw nothing there. She must be a very sad and lonely person inside and I feel she will be very obese and if she doesn't get a real grip on life, will end up like that Anna girl.

    It must sux to be Britney knowing you are nothing more than a marketing ploy and you know in your heart of hearts you are not a great talent and to continue living your life as a lie will eventually screw up anyone.
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    Yeah, but on the other hand, wouldn't it be fun to look in the mirror every day and see somebody that had all the money they needed for the rest of their life and could do whatever they felt like doing every single day??
  4. That 's what she thought and look how it turned out. Unless someone who cares steps in, you're looking at the next Elvis/Marilyn/Anna Nicole.

    A lot of people on these boards don't believe the old adage "money isn't everything." It's not. We all carry demons, but this little waif is doomed to misery.
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  6. God doesn't think much of money. Just look at the people he gives it to!
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  8. Not that lucky after all, like to see it from the front, before condemning it as just really weird.
    I particularly liked this comment;

    "The Miracle of Life! The Miracle of Life! I think the statue should be made into fountain, and the liquid of the fountain should be Vault soda, spraying out of her taut vagina and pert nipples. And we should put it in Central Park and not expect it to be vandalized or made love to by hobos."
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    The guy that watched her shave her head pretty much said she was acting irrational, real nervous and jumpy. If I hung around with Paris Hilton for awhile I'd probably be nuts too!!

    These famous kids have a rare addiction problem, addicted to attention, I wonder if there is a clinic that works with that yet?
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    For a little perspective on wealth: The richest guy on earth could not afford the bird seed to feed the world's birds for an hour. Supposedly factual, I never bothered to try to check it out, I doubt if the truth is far off from that characterization.
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