Britney dumps K-Fed

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  1. Can anyone here honestly say they thought this union would last?


    LOS ANGELES - Britney Spears filed for divorce Tuesday from Kevin Federline, officials said. The Los Angeles County Superior Court filing cites "irreconcilable differences," said court spokeswoman Kathy Roberts.

    Spears, 24, married rapper Kevin Federline, 28, in 2004. They have a 1-year-old son, Sean Preston, and an infant son who was born Sept. 12. The divorce papers identify the baby as Jayden James Federline.

    A message left with Spears' attorney, Laura Wasser, was not immediately returned.

    Spears married Federline eight months after ending a 55-hour Las Vegas marriage to her childhood friend, Jason Alexander. Her second marriage has provided endless fodder for tabloids, which have speculated frequently that the union was in trouble.

    Calls left for Federline's representatives also were not immediately returned.


    Good riddance to bad rubbish, and I don't just mean him.
  2. thorn


    when k-fed starting popping up regularly on WWE raw, what else was one to think?

    Anyway, k-fed does have a future in wrestling, a consumate "bad guy", he finally has found his calling and a career where he can make some dough. Now he needs to bulk up about 50 lbs if he wants staying power in WWE.

  3. spears = White trash
  4. Where can I bet on these fickle Hollywood marriages?
  5. ror, not even the mob can offer u decent odds on that.
  6. More white trash. I'd hit this one though. Spears is just plain nasty.

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  7. BSAM


    Okay.....Finally.....I can get this out in the open. Britney and I have been secretly seeing each other for several months.
  8. I'm shocked! Shocked, I tells ya... what ever happened to the sanctity of the White Trash Marriage (tm)? Brit isn't even fat anymore! Pretty soon she's going to start wearing D&G and dating guys named Cabot... poser.
  9. r-in


    Yikes BSAM, I hope you been wearing double protection. After being with K-Fud she's gotta be a walking STD research project. I'm sure that guy has more kids than he knows. Too bad they broke up, they really reminded me of the Beverly Hillbilly's. I was betting that it was gonna come out they were actually 1st cousins.
  10. K-Fud... heh heh... I like that. He is kind of an Elmer.
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