British Judge: Christian Beliefs Have No Legal Standing because of lack of evidence

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  1. the world is moving away from superstition:

    British Judge: Christian Beliefs Have No Legal Standing

    By Al Webb
    Religion News Service

    LONDON (RNS) A top British judge has ruled that Christian beliefs have no standing under secular law because they lack evidence and cannot be proven.

    ." He added that to use the law to protect "a position held purely on religious grounds cannot therefore be justified."

    No religious belief, said the judge, can be protected under the law "however long its tradition, however rich its culture."
  2. The first step toward abolishing freedom from persecution on the basis of a religious belief...

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    What unique benefit does religion provide that can't be gained or derived from non-religious groups?
  4. Most of the advice in the Bible is just good advice.
    The ten commandents is good law no matter who "wrote them"
  5. This is why we have a First Amendment.