British Chancellor had “grin-f******” the US, said Paulson

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  1. ..and if anyone knew about “grin-f******” the US, it was Henry Paulson.
  2. The funny thing is that I heard the exact opposite, that Barclays wanted to acquire Lehman Brothers and that wasn't allowed to happen, Lehman was forced to go under to cause the crisis.
  3. achilles28


    Lehman was the needle that broke the camels back.

    Had Lehman not collapsed, would American subprime real estate have skyrocketed unabated into infinity?

    Is the media really that dumb? Are traders really that ignorant?

    It was a bubble. Bubbles create mountains of untenable debt. When the apex bubble pops, it creates a chain reaction in defaults that ruins everyone tied to the run up.

    I suppose the Nazdaq crashed only because US v MSFT declared a monopoly... Seriously.